Our Mission is to Feed the Hungry

February Pick-Up CANCELED

As disappointing as this is for us all, our ASG Board is compelled to CANCEL this weekend’s red bag pick up due to the weather and road conditions.  This cancellation includes our main pick up tomorrow (Saturday), as well as this Sunday and Monday’s make up days.  Our volunteers will NOT be available at the food bank Saturday to accept dropped off donations, so please stay home and stay safe!
Unfortunately, there will NOT be a make-up pick up day.  However, we strongly urge you to deliver your filled red bag(s) to The Salvation Army food bank after the weather clears and the roads are safe — they will still be in great need of them this month!  
Bags can be taken to The Salvation Army (30th and R Ave) during their regular business hours, Monday – Thursday, 9am-4pm (closed 12-1pm for lunch).  Be sure to pick up an empty red bag there for next time!  If delivering your bag isn’t possible, you can save it for our April pick up.
Current Food Shortages: jelly, spaghetti sauce (no pasta), Rice a Roni, Pasta Roni, Hamburger Helper, Spam, canned meats, granola bars and toilet paper.  Our special requests (if you would like to do something extra!) are adult diapers/Depends and Ensure type drinks.  Thank you for your support!

New Record Set!

Thank you for helping us end the year strong with a new record of 11,590 pounds donated at the December pick-up!  We are so grateful for all of our donors and volunteers.

December Food Requests

Our final pick-up of the year will be on December 8.  Current food shortages are peanut butter, jelly, meals-in-a-can (soup, chili, ravioli, etc), oatmeal, canned meat and canned fruit.

We will NOT be collecting for our normal holiday meats drive this year.  You were so generous last year that we had extra funds to pay for holiday meats again this year.  We purchased 18 turkeys for the Anacortes Family Center (AFC) residents to enjoy for Thanksgiving.  The food bank was 10 turkeys short, so we also purchased those for them.  We plan to use remaining funds to purchase Christmas hams for AFC as well. We love this tradition of helping everyone to have a special holiday meal!

Giving Tuesday

What do we do with your monetary donations?ASG is a volunteer-run organization with minimal overhead (red bags, insurance, licensing fees, etc) which is paid for by various grants. That means all of your monetary donations go directly to food purchases. We purchase:
– fresh foods (milk, yogurt, bagels, cheese sticks, etc) for the students of Cap Sante High School
– fresh fruit and Ensure for our seniors in need at our Senior Activity Center red bag pantry
– food necessities for incoming Anacortes Family Center families (milk, bread, eggs, etc)
– holiday meats for AFC residents and food banks
– and more!

To donate a monetary gift:
– Use the Square store on our website
– Mail a check to: A Simple Gesture, PO Box 1413, Anacortes, WA 98221

Thank you!

Great October Pick-up

Happy 3rd Anniversary! We celebrated by collecting 10,066 lbs! That brings our total since inception to well over 150,000 lbs. Thank you for your continued support year after year. Our friends at Food to Go were very grateful for all the granola bars.

October Food Requests

Currently the food bank has a lot of empty shelves.  They need jelly, peanut butter, canned fruit, canned meats, meals-in-a-can (chili, ravioli, soups etc.), cereal, spaghetti sauce, vegetables.  Please be a generous as you can this month.  Our special request for October is our 3rd annual granola bar drive for our friends at Food to Go Anacortes, the local program that feeds school children in need.  Please remember our special requests are an extra item to add if you are able.  Please focus on the food shortages first.

Pick up Day is October 13.  Please have your bags out on the front porch by 9AM.  Thank you in advance for your contributions to A Simple Gesture Anacortes.  The need is great this month.

A Simple Gesture is 3!

October marks our third anniversary.  From our humble beginnings three years ago we have grown to over 760 donors, and a food collection of just under 150,000 pounds of food.  We have opened Red Bag Pantries in several locations throughout town and organized food drives at businesses in town for the months that we don’t pick up food.  We are proud of our accomplishments but are mostly extremely grateful for our donors and volunteers that help get food to the needy throughout the year.  A huge thank you to all of our donors and volunteers, you are making a difference in other’s lives.  Thank you Anacortes.

Thank You City of Anacortes!

Thank you, City of Anacortes, for adopting the month of September by hosting a food drive for us! You collected 358 lbs of food and 5 lbs of household items, along with $330 of donations. Your generosity will keep our food banks going until our October 13th pick up.

Another Successful Pick-up In April.

Thank you again Anacortes, you are the most generous city around.  Our April pick up brought in 8,435 pounds of food, 215 pounds of household items, 70 pounds of pet food, 22 pound of baby items and 601 pounds of personal items for a grand total of 9,343 pounds.

Another Record Breaking Pick-up In February.

Over 11,000 pounds of food was collected in Feb.  Anacortes you are amazing in your generosity.  Your donations make people’s lives better.  Island View School had a food drive  to celebrate the 100th day of school.  They brought in 1127 cans of food.  Thank you Island View and 1025 pounds.  Great Job.

Our goal for this year was to reach 750 donors.  We surpassed that number this month.


A Simple Gesture Anacortes was Honored Last Week for Their Continuing Support of Feeding the Hungry in Anacortes

In January, 2018  Sue Monaghan and A Simple Gesture received the ‘Others’ Award from The Salvation Army for the work that they have been doing in Anacortes to feed the hungry.   Since the Salvation Army started in Anacortes in 1906, it has handed out this top award only three times, including the one for A Simple Gesture. It is the highest award that the Salvation Army hands out and it is given for exemplary service in the community.  Sue Monaghan and her team were honored to receive this prestigious award.  Sue credited  the success of A Simple Gesture to the 100+ volunteers and 700+ donors who give of their time and donations so generously.

Since A Simple Gesture began collecting food for the community,  The Salvation Army has not needed to spend additional money to buy food to make up for shortages.  The money that was budgeted for buying food is now being used to help those who need additional financial help.

During the presentation, several community leaders indicated that food donations through a Simple Gesture were making a difference in the community. One great example is the food donated to Cap Sante High School.  The donated food has made a profound difference in the lives of the students.  When the students are fed, their grades improve, and  they are able to focus on their work.

This award would not have been possible without the generous donors and volunteers of Anacortes.  We thank you all for your participation and generous contributions to A Simple Gesture.

Happy Second Anniversary


October, 2017  is the second anniversary of A Simple Gesture Anacortes.  We have grown from our original 310 donors to well over 700 donors.  Our first pick up was 4,000 lbs and we have more than doubled that pick up this month with 9882 lbs. of food and goods.  Over the past two years we have collected more than 96,000 lbs. of food for Anacortes.   None of this could have been possible without the generosity of our donors and our volunteers.   Thank you Anacortes!

Imagine the possibilities of what your “simple gesture” can do.

As a non-profit volunteer driven organization our mission is very simple.  Our goal is to feed the hungry in Anacortes.  How do we do this?  Simple.  Every other month we spend the second Saturday morning driving through town collecting Red Bags filled with food that our donors leave out on their front porch.  That food is brought in, weighed, sorted and packed for distribution to various food banks, the Anacortes Family Center, Food to Go and our Red Bag Pantries located throughout the city.  The majority of food goes to The Salvation Army who have the largest food bank in town.  It is through collaboration with the various agencies in town that we are able to collect and distribute food to the needy.

The demand for food at our pantries has being increasing over the past ten years, but the supply of low cost foods has been decreasing.  Our local food banks are forced to purchase food in order to stay open during the summer months.


Our organization began because one woman in Anacortes was reading the Wall Street Journal  and saw an article about A Simple Gesture and its founder Jonathan Trivers of Paradise, Ca.  Sue Monaghan was inspired to start A Simple Gesture-Anacortes.  Working in collaboration with The Salvation Army, she began to put together the board, ordered bags and began soliciting donors and volunteers. Working with her daughter, Kristin Rogers, Sue began visiting every organization looking for donors.  The results were amazing.  Our first pickup was  October 10, 2015, with 310 donors we collected 4,000 pounds of food and toiletries.  Today we have over 500 donors and have collected over 30,000 pounds of food and household products. The response from the community has been beyond amazing.


Kristin Rogers, Sue Monaghan


Board: Diane Vitale, Kristin Rogers, Sue Monaghan, Shelly Parfitt, Bonni Nutter (not shown Rick Johnson, Becky Motherwell)

Our pickup on October 8, 2016 marked the one year anniversary for A Simple Gesture Anacortes.20161008-j15_6138


Some very exciting things happened in October.

First of all a huge thank you to Aktion Club and Kiwanis for their donations to support A Simple Gesture. We so appreciate your support.



Won’t you join us by signing up for your Red Bag today?


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