A Simple Gesture-Anacortes collaborates with other organizations in Anacortes whose goal it is to feed the hungry.  A Simple Gesture-Anacortes operates with grants from the Noon Kiwanis, Soroptimist International and Aktion Club.  We could not operate without help from these organizations.

The Salvation Army has provided A Simple Gesture – Anacortes with space to not only bring food from our donors but also to warehouse food for our Red Bag Pantries.  In return, the majority of food that is brought in is donated directly to The Salvation Army food bank.

Red Bag Pantries (RBPs) are mini-food closets where anyone in need can find food and toiletries without discrimination or questions.   We discovered that many people cannot get to the food bank when it is open.  In collaboration with The Salvation Army, there are Red Bag Pantries open for the public in the following locations:

  • Anacortes Senior Activity Center
  • Anacortes Police Department
  • Anacortes Fire Department
  • Anacortes Public Library

Private RBPs are located at the Anacortes Family Center and Cap Sante High School.   All locations have information on where to find local free meals, a list of other RBP locations and information regarding double EBT points at the local Farmer’s Market. Stop by, no questions asked. If you are hungry and can’t afford food for yourself, you can find something to eat at the RBP nearest you. Please take only what you need for the day.

Please do not leave donations of food at any Red Bag Pantry.  If you wish to make a donation for a Red Bag Pantry, please drop it off at the The Salvation Army and indicate A Simple Gesture.

Adopt-A-Month is a program through ASG-Anacortes that partners with local businesses and organizations to organize a food drive once a year at their place of operation.  The food drives they host take place on the months that ASG does not have a pick-up in order to fill in the gap.  In the first year of Adopt-A-Month in 2018, we partnered with: Shell, Newcomer’s Club, Kiwani’s, City of Anacortes, Dakota Creek, and Island Hospital.

Food to Go is an organization in Anacortes that provides food to the many students who go home each weekend hungry.  They pack food for students to take home on the weekends.  A Simple Gesture – Anacortes has collected food and cast donations for Food to Go.

Anacortes Family Center: A Simple Gesture – Anacortes has begun supplying food for every family living in the homeless shelter on a monthly basis.

Island Hospital:  We recently began providing food and toiletries to the hospital to add to the discharge packets for homeless patients.







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Feeding Anacortes one red bag at a time